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Microwave Popcorn Wrappers
Personalized Custom Favors

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Just some examples of popcorn wrappers that we have created....
You can use any one of our candy wrapper designs or we can create a custom design for you.

Our personalized Microwave popcorn wrappers will make a unique wonderful gift & favor that can be used
for any occasion.

We use 3.5 oz. microwave popcorn.
Our popcorn wrappers are wrapped around the popcorn, similar to the candy bars.


Please choose a design from one of the occasions on the left.  

They are great for Birthday parties, Halloween parties, Holiday events, family reunions, trade shows, business promotions and more!

When ordering our personalized Microwave Popcorn wrappers, please choose a design from any one of our candy bar wrapper designs on our website. The front and back can be personalized, similar to our candy bars.
Colors, fonts, graphics and text can be mix and matched from any of our wrapper designs. 

Don't see exactly what you are looking for?
Choose an occasion and we can create custom popcorn wrapper especially for you at no extra charge.

They can be ordered with the popcorn packet or wrappers only.




See some Popcorn wrapper samples below