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Candy Bar Wrapper Favors
Personalized Custom Party Favors
Hershey Milk Chocolate candy bars
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Custom Candy Bar Wrappers, Custom Kit Kat Party Favors, Custom Tic Tac Party Favors, Custom Lollipop Party Favors,                 Custom Popcorn Party Favors, Custom Play-Doh Party Favors,                  Custom Goodie Bag Top Party Favors, Custom Bubble Bottle Party Favors....

Candy Bar Wrapper Favors

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There is no affiliation between Hershey foods Corporation, its divisions or subsidiaries, and Party Wraps.  HERSHEY®'s is a registered trademark of the Hershey Food corporation.  Party Wraps does not interfere with the manufactures original wrappings, we simply design and apply overwraps.
Party Wraps is in no way responsible for allergy reactions and/or contaminants to any products.  Please refer to the manufactures ORIGINAL wrapper for nutritional/ingredients information.