Personlized Custom Party favors  








Personlized Custom Party favors

Peel & Stick Labels
Personalized Custom Party Favors


   See some samples at the bottom of this page 


Personalized labels are perfect for a Birthday Party Favors, Anniversary Favors, Wedding Favors, Bar Mitzvah Favors, Graduation Party Favors, Engagement Party Favors, Religious Occasion Favors, Corporate Event, etc.


Personalized Labels:

bullet 2" x 4" labels
Perfect for miniature wine or champagne bottles, water bottles, mint tins, rolled candy, etc.
bullet 3" x 3.75" labels
Perfect for wine or champagne bottles, water bottles,
M&M tubes, beach pails, etc.
bullet 2.33" x 3.375" Labels
Perfect for wine or champagne bottles, water bottles,
beach pails, etc.
bullet 2.5" round labels
Perfect for lollipops, Ice Breakers, Bubble Gum tape, round mint tins, etc.
bullet 1.50" x 4" Labels
Perfect for 1 oz. Tic Tacs
bullet 1.33" x 4" Labels
Perfect for .62 oz. Tic Tacs

The options are endless...

Please choose a design from one of the occasions on the left.  

When ordering our personalized labels, please choose a design from
any one of our candy wrappers designs or occasions on our website.  We will adapt a label similar to the chosen design.  Please note that the label may not be exactly the same as the candy wrapper due to differing sizes, we will not print your label until you approve the design.

Our labels are self-adhesive (peel & stick) labels that are professionally printed using a high quality laser printer. We guarantee that our products will not run, smear smudge or fade. 

All of our designs are fully customizable; including colors,
fonts, graphics and text.

Customized design are no extra charge!




Just some examples of label favors that we have created....
You can use any one of our candy wrapper designs or we can create a custom design for you.

2" x 4" label samples


3 1/3"" x 4" label samples


2 1/2" round label samples