Personlized Custom Party favors

You have the choice of buying our candy bar wrappers or microwave popcorn wrappers with or without the chocolate bars or microwave popcorn. If you decide to take advantage of our money saving "Wrappers Only" option, we will supply you with the personalized wrapper favors, instructions, and a free glue stick; you supply the chocolate bars or microwave popcorn packs. You can wrap your own bars or popcorn in no time at all.

Our wrappers will fit the standard:
1.55 oz. HERSHEY® Milk Chocolate Bars
1.55 oz. HERSHEY® Dark Chocolate Bars
1.55 oz. NESTLE CRUNCH® Bars
1.50 oz. KIT KAT® Bars
1.52 oz. M-Azing® Bars
2.9 or 3.5 oz. Microwave popcorn

(The statement below does not apply to M-Azing bars or Microwave Popcorn, M-Azing comes with foil on the bar and popcorn does not use it)
Since the change in wrapper design by Nestle, Hershey's & Kit Kat, Party Wraps can include with each wrapper ordered a cut to fit silver foil sheet to keep
that traditional candy bar look.